Safeguarding the future of Licensed
Kennel and Cattery owners



      • To create an Association that achieves effective engagement with our members
      • To provide representation to Government bodies on issues relating to the licensed boarding sector
      • To work with representatives of the pet care industry
      • To invest in the development of professional support, advice,  training and educational resources
      • To actively engage with the public, press and media
      • To encourage the use of Licensed Kennels and Catteries
      • To improve the reputation of Licensed Kennels and Catteries



      • A portfolio of member benefits offering privileges and discounts
      • Access to resources, information and advice for boarding management
      • Discounted rates for associated professional services
      • Dedicated professional development training events
      • Marketing materials and promotional items
      • Business information templates
      • Comprehensive website


Download ALiKC Complaints Policy Aug 2017