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Following the success of the recent Our Dogs survey of the impact of the new licensing laws on breeders, we are following it up with a further questionnaire for Kennels and Catteries.  The objective is identical: to discover whether the recently introduced Animal Licensing laws relating to the boarding of dogs and cats are being enforced by local authorities as intended by government  or whether licensing officers are placing unrealistic demands on businesses as a result of either not understanding the complex guidance surrounding the new Regulations or applying them unfairly.
We would urge all proprietors of kennels and catteries to take part and emphasise that all respondents will remain entirely anonymous and should only take a few minutes to complete.  It should be noted that it is not designed for Home Boarders and that is simply for information as to how the new legislation is affecting the owners of boarding kennels and catteries so that the animal welfare team at Defra can be provided with accurate data.


The survey will close on April 16th 2019 and the results and analysis forwarded to Defra by April 30th

Here is the link to the survey

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