The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has confirmed their position on who can microchip cats, ferrets and rabbits.

DEFRA  has confirmed that: “If a cat is being microchipped for pet travel it would need to follow the requirements as set out in the Non-Commercial Movement of Pet Animals Order 2011 which an amendment was made in 2014. Where a cat is being microchipped for a different purpose, it would not need to be microchipped by any particular person.” 

If a cat is to be microchipped for routine identification purposes and is not expected to travel, it does not have to be microchipped by a trained person. If, however, the cat is expected to travel out of the UK, it would be required to be microchipped by one of the following category of persons:

a) veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse acting under the direction of a veterinary surgeon

b) student of veterinary surgery or student veterinary nurse acting (in both instances) under the direction of a veterinary surgeon

c) a person satisfactorily assessed on a training course approved by the appropriate authority for that purpose

d) a person who received training on implantation before 29th December 2014 and which included practical experience of implanting a microchip

The legal requirements for microchipping dogs is covered by the Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015.